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Chaing Mai Boxing Stadium Ticket
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The Pavilion Muay Thai

Pavillion Muay Thai Chiangmai
Pavillion Muay Thai Chiangmai

Every Thursday & Saturday
Starts 9:30 pm - 10:00 pm - 5fights

Experience the latest Muay Thai stadium in Chiang Mai as it host ruthless Muay Thai fights at their best.

Thai Boxing in Chiang Mai has long been established dating back hundreds of years. Each Fight Night will have five fights of five rounds each.

You'll find us right in the middle of Chiang Mai city at The Pavilion Night Bazaar on the 2nd floor on the Pavilion building.

Come and experience the most brutal of all the martial arts in the old city and ancient city of Chiang Mai.

Thaphae Boxing Stadium

Thaphae boxing stadium
Ringside and Stadium
Thaphae boxing stadium

Everyday Except Sunday
Start from 9 pm - 10:20

​Chiang Mai has a long history with Muay Thai and this Thaphae stadium is one of the oldest stadiums in the country since June 1955.

There are many champions and seasoned professionals that come and fight at Thapae Stadium.

Experience The Ultimate Muay Thai Boxing Stadium In Chiang Mai! - Thaphae.

The stadium is a classic venue for locals and tourists alike to watch traditional Muay Thai boxing.

Chiang Mai Boxing Stadium

Chiang mai boxing stadium
Chaing Mai Boxing Stadium
Chaing mai boxing stdaium


The city of Chiang Mai is home to some of the best fighter’s in the country and has some of the best and up-to-date state of the art facilities in the world for Muay Thai training and Chiang Mai Stadium host some of the best matches in the city.


All the fights that take place at the stadium are authentic and the atmosphere is electric.